"Wow, I was caught off guard by the ultra-light weight, penetration and very little wipe-off.After riding Moab and St. G for 100+ miles on it...I'm converted!"
- Andy Platt

Phone Call with
Gorilla Oil Founders

Lee Anderson

The Gorilla Story

I am a life long bike rider and triathlete. 

Bikes have been important to me and my family, but one problem was finding a good bike lube. I could never find one developed just for bicycle drivetrains. All of them were general use oils for projects around the house or garage. 

Not Gorilla oil. The developer went into the lab and stayed there until the scientists came up with this great bike oil and cleaner combination. It was developed over 15 years ago by avid cyclists, who happen to be in the business of inventing specialty lubrication formulations for large corporations.

(Cyclists get pretty bent out of shape when their driveline components break down. All they want is a smooth ride) here’s the thing…  

Gorilla oil simply gets rid of dirt. Just spray on Gorilla cleaner and rinse with water. The cleaner emulsifies the lube, the water rinses the whole biodegradable mess away. Then you simply re-apply Gorilla oil and get back to doing what you do bestgoing for a bike ride. 

Gorilla Bike Oil isn't the only thing to crow about. It really works best when used with Gorilla Cleaner, The cleaner is nothing like other cheap solvents on the market today. It was formulated to fully remove the oil to ensure a completely clean slate to re-lube. Herein lies the secret. Most lubes, especially those made with teflon, do not fully remove from your chain when cleaning. So, you are literally applying layers of oil on top of the old stuff. This is extremely detrimental to a bike's components.

The solution? Gorilla Bike Oil and Cleaner!

The developers of these superior products kept these to themselves for a long time. They created them for themselves from the beginning. More than 15 years later, the Gorilla brand emerged to finally bring these products to the world.

I discovered this oil is the most fully formulated and hi-tech bike oil in the world, period. Try it and you’ll discover the same thing. After it’s applied, it’s like flying! That’s why it is Ultra Premium.

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